Monday, August 9, 2010

New shoes mean better spins.....

This  is a sweaty me after spin class. For the last two or three classes my feet have hurt because they are too big for the pedal straps. SOOO, I made a promise to myself a month ago. - If I kept up going to spin class at least 3 times a week, I would get myself a pair of bicycle shoes.... 
Well yesterday.Jenifer Leilani and I went to the store and got some for me!!...
The clip helps hold me in the bike and my feet don't hurt!!
They are comfortable and it is easier to work the pedals.
Still get sweaty though..

I am beat! So, what am I gana do now? Get ready for work!!!!

Ahhhh life... It just keeps coming at ya... Down to 227 now... Next goal - 220.....


  1. You are awesome. You say you are going to do something ... and it is done!

  2. Way to go Jay! You are doing fine!!!