Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Losing the weight is not a game I am winning

My name is Jay. I am 45, 5 foot 11 and 260 pounds.... I have tried many diets... Some have worked for a while.. Jenny worked for over a year.. Some have worked for a month.. I did this 6 week thing that worked for me for about 5 weeks...

It is not the diets. I am not blaming. I do remember one "Diet Center" where the lady said... "When I get hungry I just think of the starving children in Ethiopia and I can starve myself a little.. I like to starve myself like that because it is kind of fun..." Did I mention her eyes where kind of glassy when she said that.. Not drugs,,, just that cult kind of look when you are no longer there...

Having written the above... I hope your not expecting me to now talk about how I have "FOUND IT!" How I one day stumbled upon the cure and I am now going to share it with you for only $49.95 for your first installment. "But wait there's more!"

No, sorry, not going there... This is a blog for real people with real struggles... Mainly me and my wife Jenifer. We have tried for the ten years married together to make it happen. Lose the weight... Has not happened yet. But wait there's more!!

I am hoping with this blog to chronicle my days, share my experience, my fears, hopes successes and yes; the invariable losses and I am not talking weight losses I am talking falling off the wagon losses I will experience.. We all do so lets not say: "From this day forward I will not falter! I will not waiver and you and I dear reader will do it together! For only $49.95!!!!"

Lets just say... Weight, weight don't tell me...

I made that choice because I like the show on PBS which has nothing to do with weight loss but is fun and witty. The thing is, I don't really want to know what my weight is. I don't want to know that I am not losing it. I just want the weight to go away...

So maybe, just maybe - together.. The three of us.. My wife Jenifer Leilani, myself Jay, and you can somehow, some way, get down to the nitty gritty and get in better shape, feel better, look better- FEEL BETTER... I don't need to look like some movie star, hell I don't even need t be rail thin, just enough so when I tie my shoes I don't have to breath out and hope I don't strain my back.....

I promise I will TRY to blog each and every day with my progress and I will do my best to put some thought into it.. Jenifer will most likely blog too. I want to make my blogs more than.. "Did not work out today, overate..."

Today, by the way, I had Spaghetti "O's" and then claim chowder for breakfast... I did walk the dogs which I will have pictures of soon... I took them on about and hour walk.. Leisurely, not like jog walk... It was nice, fun and I listened to my I-Pod on most of it.. I feel good right now.. Have my ice tea next to me and just had a cookie... I will try to go make a healthy lunch... Yeah right...

Wish us luck......


  1. Hi! I'm the other part of this family.
    My story is way too long so I will just start with June 2008 - lost 23 lbs in 90 days then slowly but surely gained some back. Went from 246 down to 223 then over the course of 4 months gained back up to 238. I feel like I am ahead of the game because the ususal would have been to gain all of it back and more.

    February 4, 2009 and I weigh 238 lbs. I didn’t gain it all back, I have gained some of it back. Instead of beating myself up and going thru the usual tired old dialogue, I am just dusting myself off and starting fresh. I know what works so I am not ‘lost’ or searching. I know what to do and I am going back on it, with it…what ever you want to call it. Thursday, February 5th, I am going to start the accelerated version of the plan and lose 30 lbs in 6 weeks, no more soda’s – yes – that includes my diet cokes. Those diet cokes are kicking my butt and I have such a cute butt I don’t want it kicked any more. Exercise? Yeah, exercise. Start with treadmill and the workout with the plan. Tossing out cloths as they become slightly large for me. No holding on to ‘fat’ cloths. Out out damn fat cloths I say!

    Sucking down all the diet coke I can stomach during the remainder of the night, went out and had a fantastic steak dinner that ended with a fucking fantastic cheese cake…super sliced with home made whipped cream and gramcraker crust that was a quarter inch thick. A QUARTER INCH! FOR REAL! It was goooooooood. Now I had it and can get back on it with no regrets.
    Here I go.

  2. Interesting blog folks. FF Cheese Cake? Is that part of your diet too? Well now, your "udda brudda from a different mudder" has also noticed that the only thing I can put on without all the huffin' and puffin' is my glasses! A & I are now on a modified Atkins diet (started Monday). Half of what we used to serve ourselves, and watch the carbs. Gonna go from 290.5 to ............. whatever I feel comfortable with (maybe around 230 or so). Having a heck of a time squeezing my tiny butt (yes I have one too!) into a tuxedo. Can't seem to get past the hips.
    Let's see how the four of us do (when we win, we'll celebrate........the old fashioned bring in the New Year.
    Remember, Time, Patience, and Perseverance Shall Accomplish All Things!...................A & A, Sacramento, Ca.

  3. I know it is something you have been fighting with for a while and I'm sure you'll get to your goal. I remember a lot of the smaller weight loss milestones you've told me about over the last few years, so I know you can do it. Don't let the number on the scales or the plateaus you run into discourage you think of the small victories you've had with this battle and keep stringing them together. You are a strong willed individual Jay keep it up.

  4. Hey sunshine, this looks like it's going to be a really promising blog! I'm sure you'll find it turns into a lot more than just a weight loss thing. Don't burn yourself out trying to post every day, it should be fun, not a job!

    Best of luck with the weight-loss, I'll be checking back to see how you're doing (no pressure ;) )

    A x

  5. Hey bud, I here ya....good luck with it all. With the stress and depression I have been quietly fighting, my weight has gone through the roof. Now, I have even more weight I have to break before the wedding. Cycling is going to be my answer. With the rod in my leg, I cannot run anymore, so my old stand by for keeping me in shape disappears, but cycling is the next best thing. It is amazing how quickly you burn fat and calories by simply riding a bicycle. I have a road bike, like what lance Armstrong rides and was riding all over the foothills. But, with winter, I am not very motivated to get out there, but time is runnign out.

    Let me know if you are interested in cycling.